Projects in Brazil

Innovative approaches for quality assurance and quality improvement of Brazilian agro products

Brazil is responsible for 25% of the global food production.

In the agricultural sector Brazil is the leading producer of various crops, but the qualities caused by a heterogeneous state of agricultural technology and various environmental conditions are ranging from poor to excellent.

In a first step Fraunhofer IME will evaluate, taking into account various Fraunhofer expertise, solutions that contribute to improve quality in the agricultural sector.

In a second step, together with the Brazilian stakeholders, these approaches should be transferred into joint projects.

This will involve skills of Fraunhofer and the Fraunhofer Food Chain Management Alliance, e.g. in the fields of rapid analysis, biosensor / biochip, logistics / RFID and optical analysis methods - in combination or individually - depending on the application. This will be performed in close coordination with Fraunhofer IVV, which is already active in Brazil with respect to food packaging and food processing.

The medium-term goal should be that these projects (industrial and public funded), ensure a permanent visibility of Fraunhofer as the key-partner for the Brazilian agricultural sector.