Projects in Brazil

Cooperation between the Fraunhofer-ICT, SENAI-CIMATEC and the THEOPRAX Foundation

A recent cooperation in the technological-educational area involved SENAI-CIMATEC, the THEOPRAX Foundation and the Fraunhofer ICT. The aim of the project was the introduction of the THEOPRAX learning and teaching methodology (theory + practice) in Brazil. The project was financed by SENAI.

The pilot-project involved 2 Brazilian states (Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul) and involved the training of SENAI technical academic staff. The introduction of the methodology was carried out by members of the THEOPRAX Centre from Pfinztal, who led initial training sessions with the academic staff of SENAI.

The Fraunhofer ICT offers assistance for enterprises and organisations from diverse industrial sectors in the form of contract research or collaborative cooperation co-financed by governmental agencies (national and international).

The four business areas are:

  • Automotive and transport technology
  • Chemistry and pharmaceutics
  • Energy and environment
  • Defense, safety and security, aeronautic/aerospace