Projects in Brazil

Further development and market introduction of a novel biofuel

The Fraunhofer IVV has developed an enzymatic process for producing a novel, plant oil based biofuel. The production process for this biodiesel-like fuel is based on the use of immobilized sn-1,3 selective lipases as the catalyst. As there are none of the insoluble byproducts which there are in conventional biodiesel production, the energy-intensive and costly purification of the product can largely be avoided.

Compared to chemically catalyzed biodiesel production, the fuel yield is about 10% higher and the investment costs are considerably less. The process is therefore especially suitable for production in small, decentralized plants.

In collaboration with ITAL and several industrial partners it is planned to further develop the process, adapt it to specific Brazilian requirements (the available plant oils, etc.), and commercialize the technology. In addition to technical matters, there are also legal issues to be resolved such as gaining approval from the ANP (Brazil's National Petroleum Agency).