Supporting Women in Science

Everyone is calling for more women in STEM. But what is Fraunhofer doing to support them? Find out how you can use the TALENTA program to upgrade your career as a woman in science!

One of the main objectives of Fraunhofer's corporate policy is to ensure equal professional opportunities for women and men. Since 2013, this goal has been achieved through Fraunhofer's gender-focused career development program, TALENTA. The project aims to increase the proportion of women scientists and, in particular, the proportion of women in senior management positions at Fraunhofer.

Fraunhofer TALENTA is a career development program that seeks to boost the trajectory of women at different career levels within the 76 Fraunhofer Institutes. The plan has three main phases: TALENTA start, TALENTA speed up, and TALENTA excellence.


TALENTA start is the program for all female university graduates starting their career in applied research with Fraunhofer. It acts as a helpful guide at the beginning of your career in applied research and strengthens your expertise in interdisciplinary fields. It also helps to ensure that they have time to carry out their doctoral research and develop professionally. There are 30 vacancies open annually.


TALENTA speed up

TALENTA speed up is tailored to professionally experienced female scientists both within and outside Fraunhofer who would like to take on responsibility in a managerial or scientific position. You will receive concrete opportunities to help you obtain new qualifications and accelerate your career. 30 positions are opened annually to women from around the world.


TALENTA excellence

TALENTA excellence is designed for women who are aiming for a high-level managerial position at Fraunhofer or who already hold one. The objective of the program is to advance your professional and personal development and refine your profile as a scientist and manager. Professionals approved for TALENTA excellence also receive additional funding for resources within their department, in order to stimulate their research work.