Fraunhofer ICT participates in an event to discuss sustainable energy

The Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT will participate on the 01st of April 2019, in the workshop Sustainable Energy Systems. The event is organized by the Fraunhofer Liaison Office Brazil, in the premises of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Brazil, and will take place from 08:00 to 13:00. The event will have the participation of the researcher Dr. Ana Claudia Nioac de Salles, from the department of Environmental Engineering of Fraunhofer ICT.

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According to the data from the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil registered, in 2018, 88% of renewable sources in energy production. However, in the Brazilian energy model there is a strong potential for differential expansion in this line, which results in numerous long-term investment opportunities. To follow this development, it is important to understand which are the technological solutions that point to a path of sustainability, maintaining Brazil as the one that produces the more cleanest energy and achieving higher efficiency indices. In this sense, the objective of the event is to bring together companies that provide solutions and storage of energy (such as batteries), universities and research institutes (from Brazil and Germany), government and development agencies, associations and industrial entities to discuss some of the issues.

The Fraunhofer ICT carries out research and development work which is both of direct use to industry and of benefit to society. The core competences are the chemistry of energetic materials, energetic systems, environmental engineering, polymer engineering and applied electrochemistry. Part of our mission is the development of new materials and products, chemistry and polymer processes, process monitoring, synthesis and characterization, and life-cycle assessment to evaluate the environmental impact from the raw materials to the products.

In addition to the Fraunhofer ICT lecture, the event will also have the participation of representatives of the Brazilian Association of the Energy Cogeneration Industry (COGEN); Institute of Technological Research (IPT); SENAI ISI / PR in Electrochemistry; Solar Tech Inenergy (STI); The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP); Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and Eletrocell. The event is free and the talks will be held in Portuguese.


For information and registration:

+55 (11) 5187-5091