Renewable Energy

Renewable energies have great potential for partnerships between Brazil and Germany

Germany and Brazil have a mutual interest in boosting the use of renewable energies with great prospects for solar, wind, biogas and biofuel. Fraunhofer can assist this transition to renewable energies by bringing in its expertise from many years of applied research in the field. We believe that successful change in our supply system will require research and development of solar, wind and biomass energy solutions. There are several products developed in this area, follow bellow our focus:

Solar energy: Fraunhofer develops the Noor project in Morocco, the world's largest solar power plant. More information at: Project Noor

Photovoltaic Energy: Learn more about the project at Fraunhofer Chile, using intelligent systems for agriculture: Agrivoltaics

Wind Energy: One of Fraunhofer's specialties is the offshore model, which has great potential in Brazil due to its extensive coastline. In addition, the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance develops strategies and technologies for maintenance and offers comprehensive services for wind turbine network management and integration. Find out more about the Fraunhofer Energy Alliance  

Bioenergy: Biomass will have a large share in the electricity and heating market of the future. Fraunhofer conducts research in the field of biomass utilization in order to fully exploit its potential for efficient use. The participating researchers are working on developing and making bio-plants more flexible and integrating them into energy supply systems. Get to know two outstanding projects in the area conducted by Fraunhofer: STEP and Flex-C-Cat