In-depth articles about technology and innovation issues that move Brazil, Germany, and the world


Renewable Energy / 30.1.2024

Fraunhofer technology for clean energy in Brazil

Fraunhofer UMSICHT partners with SENAI Institute for Innovation in Biomass


Sustainability / 9.1.2024

Circular Economy, Smart Cities and much more!

Learn about projects in Brazil, Latin America, Europe and Asia, including the energy transition.


Sustainable technologies and solutions / 28.11.2023

Reuse of cocoa for cosmetics industry

Get to know this project between Brazil and Germany!


Fraunhofer technology generates green energy / 7.11.2023

Decarbonization and Municipal Waste

Biomass generates hydrogen, synthetic fuels and biofertilizers - check it out!


Audio and video technologies for TV 3.0 / 28.8.2023

Fraunhofer at SET EXPO Brazil

Check out the main highlights of our participation at SET EXPO 2023


Fraunhofer Lead Markets / 25.7.2023

Technology Transfer

Find out how Fraunhofer defines its lead markets and manages to maintain its world-leading position


Sustainable technologies and solutions / 27.6.2023

Waste Treatment

Innovation in waste treatment that are making a difference in Brazil and in the world


Research, Science and Business / 30.5.2023

Fraunhofer Model

Get to know this successful model, responsible for the creation of the MP3, LED lamps, and much more! 


Supporting Women in Science / 24.4.2023


Everyone is calling for more women in STEM. But what is Fraunhofer doing to support them? The TALENTA program can upgrade your career.


Partnerships Between SME and Foreign Financiers / 28.3.2023


Brazilian SME have a lot of great ideas for collaborative research projects - but potential partners and funding are often hard to find. CORNET is a network that supports SME on this path.


The Future of Energy for Brazil and the World / 28.2.2023

Green Hydrogen

Fossil fuels will become obsolete. But what is next? Green Hydrogen currently is the strongest contender.