Application-oriented research – research that can be put into practice

Fraunhofer – Your systems and technology partner

Applied Research

Over the past 66 years, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has grown to one of the most important German as well as the biggest European organisation for applied research. Its activities also reach out beyond European borders. We work hand in hand with world-class research institutions to create innovative solutions on behalf of industrial companies, service enterprises and the public sector.

This global network and our qualified scientists and employees are the driving force behind the innovative work being done to our economic and social advantage.

Affiliated international research centers and representative offices provide contact with the regions of greatest importance to present and future scientific progress and economic development.

Our motivation

From single orders to complex, large-scale projects and strategic partnerships, cooperation with Fraunhofer knows no limits. Fraunhofer assists companies in the development, optimization and market introduction of products and processes by:

  • Improving products
  • Optimizing existing processes and organizational structures
  • Moving from product development to short-run production
  • Market analysis and feasibility studies
  • Incorporating new technologies
  • Acquiring licenses
  • Characterization, testing and certification