Workshop Innovations in Green Hydrogen

The Fraunhofer Liaison Office Brazil and the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry of São Paulo, with the support of VDI-Brazil, held an event on April 26th, with the participation of several actors to increase the role of both countries in Green Hydrogen solutions.

Germany is investing in Green Hydrogen for escalating renewable energies and Brazil appears as a key partner for its expansion. There are some forms to obtain Green Hydrogen and one of them is through renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy. Considering the great potential of Brazil in this sector, we at Fraunhofer believe that the country has many possibilities to consolidate itself as a reference in Green Hydrogen and to develop several partnerships and projects that propel the use of this energy globally. The Workshop Innovations in Green Hydrogen brought an overview of the current in Brazilian and German market, as well as the main technologies developed in both countries.

The Workshop Innovations in Green Hydrogen was opened by the Head of Fraunhofer Liaison Office Brazil, Dr.-Ing. Rodrigo Pastl, followed by the German Ambassador in Brazil, Heiko Thoms, the Director of Innovation and Sustainability of the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of São Paulo, Bruno Zarpellon and the Executive Director at VDI-Brazil, João Vitor Stedile.

During the first section, Fernanda Leite, GIZ advisor for H2 in Brazil, presented opportunities and challenges in Green Hydrogen for Brazil and Germany, followed by Marcelo Prim, Executive for Business Development in Europe at CNI and Carlos Pires, Director of the Energy Development Department at Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The following section highlighted Hydrogen technologies at Fraunhofer Institutes: System Technology for Green Hydrogen (Fraunhofer IEE - Dr. Jochen Bard), Hydrogen Logistics: Perspective with the Ukraine war (Fraunhofer IGB - Dr. Lénárd-Istvan Csepei), Hydrogen Catalysts (Fraunhofer ISE - Dr. Monika Bosilj) and the Fraunhofer Society and Hydrogen Technologies (Fraunhofer LO Brazil - Dr. Ing. Rodrigo Pastl).

At the end, the event had several Brazilian companies and institutions that are reference in Green Hydrogen as MCTI, IFCE, Thyssenkrupp, Hytron and the support of DWIH, with the presentation of Sören Metz highlighting the scientific works and projects of DWIH and Dr. Simon Herzog Space from TU Munich, focusing on the theme "Need of space for the production and export of Hydrogen in Brazil".

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