Workshop on "Innovations in Renewable Energies" brings practical solutions from Brazil and Germany

Innovation Workshop

In August 2021 the Workshop "Innovations in Renewable Energies" took place, a joint action of the Fraunhofer Liaison Office Brazil, the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, GiZ, VDI-Brazil, the Representation of the State of Bavaria in Brazil and the German Embassy in Brasilia.

The event was opened by Mr. Thomas Timm, Executive Vice President of AHK-SP, Dr. Holger Rapior, Minister of Economic Affairs and Global Issues of the German Embassy in Brasilia and Dr. Bernd Mayer, Consultant for Public-Private Partnerships of GiZ. The opening of the second day of the event was held by Mr. Robert Madersdorfer, Vice President of VDI-Brazil and Executive Manager of Lanxees.

On the first day of the event, the panoramas of both countries were presented, with the participation of several important players in the area such as EPE, ANP, GiZ, ANEEL, Eletrobrás/CEPEL, Itaipu Technological Park, among others. Current issues such as energy scarcity and the initiatives of Brazilian institutions to increase the production of renewable energy were addressed, as well as ongoing projects between Brazil and Germany, highlighting the platform on Green Hydrogen, supported by GiZ:

On the second day, the Fraunhofer Institutes presented several pioneering technologies in the area. The first was TCR, a technology to convert waste into renewable energy sources, developed by Fraunhofer UMSICHT. Next, Smart Grids were highlighted by the Fraunhofer IAO, enhancing power generation in more remote areas through smaller structures as a source of renewable energy. At the end of the block, there was a demonstration of a practical Agrivoltaics project in Chile on automation for watering crops with solar energy, made by Fraunhofer Chile and ISE.

The second day also included representatives from Siemens Energy, Bosch, and the special participation of Pablo Di Si, CEO of Volkswagen Latin America. Important institutes for Brazilian research such as CINE and IEE closed the event, bringing several opportunities in the area.  

The Workshop was a success and is available on AHK-SP's channel. Take advantage and go there to check it out!

Link to the first day of the event:

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